Why emu oil?

Emu oil has been used for thousands of years by the Australian natives. This powerful oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to provide relief against arthritis. It comprises of omega fatty acids 3, 9 and 6 as found in our Emu Heaven Golden oil.

EMU oil, for natural health and beauty

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Stephen SchmidtWe are proud to say that our Emu Heaven Golden oil capsules and other natural health and beauty products that we offer have helped so many people over the years. We are proud of what we have achieved over the years in this industry.

For all this time that we have been around, we have learned many things and that has helped us to give our esteem clients better products that deliver high quality results.

As a company we always strive to be part of the solution and that is why our dedicated and skilled team work so tirelessly to ensure that we give our clients a powerful medicine that has been clinically tested and proven to work.

Our natural product works first and gives quality results and we are proud to say that it is 100% made from us.

We guarantee you that you will notice the difference almost immediately when you try our products. Please take the time to navigate through the site to learn more about us and the product that we offer.

We have also included beautiful pictures to help you get the real picture of what you will get when you purchase our natural products.

Health benefits of EMU Oil

Stephen Schmidt, the founder of our farm at Marburg has for over the years been spreading the good news of what emu oil capsules, rich in omega 3.6 and 9 can impact on our health. He has gone to many towns in Australia to enlighten people about the health benefits of this natural herbal medicine.

We usually just give brochures to all our clients, however, a vast majority of our customers usually dismiss it until the problem happens to them. Please don’t be like them.

We encourage you to read our brochure because it has a special message. We are proud of the fact that our capsules has helped thousands of people live a normal healthy life.

EMU oil is finally being recognized by health authorities

Just recently, at the poultry convention in Brisbane, it was announced on the ABC radio that the oil is a natural antioxidant. Our founders reply to this recognition was “what took them this long?”.

This oil is now recognized by many specialists including scientists and naturopaths. Further clinical testing is currently being done oversees.

Stephen believes that the balance of fatty acids is what makes this capsule incredibly powerful natural medicine. Today, many years has passed since Stephen discovered that this amazing oil was no ordinary oil.

Since Stephen made this discovery, he and his wife Sarah have seen the health benefits of this oil by studying their client’s results and also through self-taught knowledge.

Many things that they shared a long time ago are now being acknowledged by others.

In fact, most of our clients who have used our products for a long time are silently saying to themselves “the Emu man was always right, he said that many years ago”.

Our Emu oil is the only product has a unique HACCP rendering system. It has taken us many years of research and experience to come up with this incredible product.

We are proud of our achievements and the knowledge we have gained overtime which has helped us provide the very best to our esteem customers. Our main goal is to ensure that you are in good health and that is why own team works tirelessly to ensure we provide high quality and effective products.

Our HACCP rendering system is unique and has been approved by relevant health authorities. We always go out of our way to produce the best possible products.

Latest hair loss research has revealed test Emu oil promotes health hair regrowth

Clinical studies conducted in Australia and the USA revealed the oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help to produce health hair growth and rejuvenate skill cells.

A vast majority of our clients have reported to have experienced intense hair growth after taking this capsule. The oil has special components that helps to feed the hair follicles that have been starving for many years thus allows natural and healthy hair growth.

Applying this to the scalp together with taking the capsules provides quicker and more effect results.

Emu oil – the eighth wonder

Many people regard this as the eight wonder because of its incredible abilities. Traditionally, the Aborigines used this oil to treat muscles and joint pain.

Today, our capsules are helping many Australians from all walks of life and because of its incredible health benefits.

Emus and the AboriginalThis capsule may treat various ailments including eczema, rheumatism, arthritis, dermatitis, premenstrual syndrome, muscle aches and pains psoriasis and much more.

We believe that our powerful emu capsules has the ability to treat even more ailments and more research is currently being conducted to verify our claims.

Our oil contains a perfect balance of omega 9.3 and 6 which is one of the things that makes it very powerful.

It is a natural anti-inflammatory product and also a natural therapy and may assist in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

Many of our customers who have used Emu oil capsules have reported that they have seen a significant improvement in their health and well-being.

Our natural health and beautify products are proudly produced by our Farm at Marburg. Our products are available via our online Shop.

Emu oil products

We believe our Products are the best in town. We can also send products from our farm straight to your doorstep via our online shop.

We also welcome bus tours and large groups of people to our emu farm in Marburg, sunny Queensland.

Studies from the Eskimos

In 1970, scientists made a huge discovery that the Eskimos had little to no heart diseases, diabetes among many other ailments because of consuming omega fact acid found in whales and seals.

Steve studied these facts keenly and knows that the fatty acid combination of 9, 3 and 6 of our products are even more effective.

Emu heaven omega 9, 3 and 6 combination Emu oil capsules

Omega 9, 3 and 6 are known as good fats because they don’t harm our health in any way as it the case with bad fat. Good fat not only gives the body the energy it needs to function optimally but it also helps to fight bad fat by flushing them out of the liver.

Essential fatty oils can be obtained from food. Unfortunately, due to over processing and the manner in which people cook their foods, it is very difficult to obtain good fat from our diet.

The best way to obtain this crucial nutrient is by taking Emu heaven golden oil capsules because it contain omega 9, 3 and 6. This powerful combination can help to enhance your health and well-being.

Emu Oil CapsulesOmega 3 essential fatty acids helps to enhance brain function and also assist in maintaining a healthy heart. The combination of omega 9, 3 and 6 in present our products will do wonder to our body.

The basic technique of survival has been passed down form generation to generation. Good listening skills of the young and the lesson taught by the aboriginal elders has enabled human beings survive the toughest time on earth.

Aborigines discovered that one of the many secrets of good health was found in this amazing oil. This creature is more than just a picture on Australian emblem, it has potent medicinal value.

It contains wealth of untapped powers that is now slowly being discovered by modern man.

Stephen Schmidt talked with aboriginal elders to know their views about this precious oil and they told him that in good old times emu was cut into stripes, seared an eaten raw.

He was told that the oil was considered a powerful medicine. Emu was skinned with fat left intact than placed on the skin to smooth sunburns, aches pains and when ingested, it helped to enhance the joint heath.

One thing for sure is the oil from the Emu encased with its healing properties certainly heled ailments during those hardest times.

This oil is known for its incredible penetrating powers and is used today to enhance skin health. Emu heaven natural beauty, hair and pet products ensure the penetrating powers within the oil help to nourish skin, hair and helps find relief to aches and pains, sprains and cramps and by simply penetrating the human skin allows other medicinal ingredients to do their job efficiently ensuring the best possible performance form our quality products.

Stephen has promoted emu oil capsules for many years due to it incredible medical value and he is now proud of the power of our capsules that his clients swear by.

With the rising popularity all across the world, researchers report that the product is an effective natural anti-inflammatory. The natural product works well both internally and externally, therefore providing the correct nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that’s required by your body on a daily basis

The oil is an excellent health remedy and most users claim that it helps them in managing severe pain associated with arthritis. In addition, the natural product helps in relieving pain caused by muscle pain, eczema, and PMS, among other skin conditions.

The oil contains a combination of Omega 9, 3, and 6, which help in improving the general health and wellness of the consumer, (also Omega % and 7) with the added benefit of the effects of vitamin A & E and also the added benefit of vitamin K.

Natural feeding of our Emu Birds

When feeding our birds, we ensure the food does not contain any traces of hormones or antibiotics. We have always maintained a natural and high-quality feeding regime which has high quality food essential minerals, protein and vitamins to ensure our birds are healthy and enjoy food whenever they require it at their leisure.

We provide a chemical free environment for our birds and run a high standard cruelty free farm. Our birds toenails are intact and the birds do not travel for processing purposes. Our birds are well cared for by caring animal owners that love their birds and are proud of the farming regime they have in place and all our birds are appreciated and blessed.

Our rendering unit

We use state-of-the-art HACCP rendering unit, which processes high-quality Emu oil that leaves others on the market far behind. We use a rendering system that ensures our oil is distinct from oil from other companies that use commercial systems. That is why our oil provides our customers with a wide range of benefits.

Apart from the oil, we also have products such as Emu meat, and other natural health and beauty products that our customers swear by.

You may also request our customer care team to send you a free Brochure. With the Brochure, you can see all-natural health and beauty products that we offer. To see what people, say about us, click on our ordering page and leave a comment.

Our natural health and beauty products

We offer various health and beauty products made from natural Emu oil. These products can positively change your life. Since we make our products manually, our staff uses natural ingredients to avoid tampering with the quality of the product.

With that, our customers can achieve their desires in a brief period. To get all the products we have for you, go to the ordering page or products link, and you will see the wide range of our natural products and the exciting Emu news.

Among the wide range of natural products we offer is the Emu Heaven Golden oil that is rich in Omega 9, 3, and 6. Health experts have proven that our natural oil has an anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in the management of pain, related to Arthritis.

emu oilMedical experts are yet to investigate more benefits of the unique oil. However, users claim that they enjoy the wide range of benefits they get from Emu oil capsules of 1000mg and the soft gel capsules.

Most of our customers claim they get more benefits than what they were expecting. They go further and spread the knowledge about Emu products to their Friends and family.

Some people are just getting to know the capabilities of this powerful product, while others have decided to try the products to change their lives.

Some users swear that they cannot live without Emu Heaven golden oil capsules, which some call the little Emu eggs of 1000mg.

We source the product from Marburg Qld Australia in our Try It Emu Farm. The product’s popularity is growing significantly since we are the only company that provides high-quality oil.

Thousands of our esteemed customers also swear by the natural Emu Heaven Golden Oil. When we sell Golden Emu oil capsules to our new clients, they begin to see the difference in a short period and order more products.

Our decades of experience and thorough studies, we ensure to produce Heaven Golden oil that can impact your health positively.

Our Emu oil Brochure

We provide our customers across the world with the best products, depending on the reviews we get from our customers in different countries. To get a free Brochure, you can simply download it.

Emu Oil Brochure

To maintain your precious skin, avoid skin oils with chemicals. Try natural Emu oils from our farm at Marburg for better results. If your baby has nappy rash, we recommend Emu oil since it has the potential to moisturize your baby’s skin.

Is Emu Oil safe for pets?

The natural product is safe for pets. One of our customers called our customer care team and reported that his 15-year-old dog has been it for around 3 years now, and his health has improved significantly.

The pet owner swore by the natural Emu product and advises other pet owners to try the product. Just like human beings, pets also suffer from diabetes, arthritis and other ailments. Fortunately, Emu oil can work wonders with your pet’s health and wellness.

The dog owner said that it was hard for him to believe at first but he later knew the product was very effective and also healthy for his dog.

The first time you put your pet on Emu Oil, you may notice you need to poop scoop more for the first couple of weeks. However, the dog will get back to normal after some time. Most of our customers claim that the oil helps improve their dog’s health and their coat shine.

We also have the best pet shampoo on the market that most of our customers claim that it works best for their pets.

Does it work?

According to most of our customers, our natural Heaven and Golden Emu Oils are the best health remedies that actually work. The capsules have high levels of fatty acids, combination of Omega 3, 6, and 9 combined.

We believe our customers also have to be healthy internally. Therefore, we offer Emu oils in capsules form to enjoy better results. When a problem lies on your skin, nails, or hair that is when you can use the product as a rubbing on.

Emu oil beauty products

When you use the natural product on your skin, it gets into the skin effectively. The product carries out all-natural potions to improve your beauty and health deep in required places for your benefit. Most of our customers claim that when they use our beauty products, they see the results in a brief period compared to other products on the market.

Recently, at the Gold coast show, Tanya one of our esteemed customers visited us where she purchased our Conditioner and Shampoo. After using the products, her friends were amazed how her hair took a positive turn.

High-quality Natural skin oil: Research has shown that pure Emu oil is a non-comedogenic product. That means that it does not clog the skin pores. With its fabulous penetrating properties, it helps nourish the skin.

“Forget about the rest of the unreliable product, we are the best!”

We provide our customers with Heaven Golden oil that has a combination of omega 3, 6, and 9 to improve your general health and wellness. The product is gradually becoming popular for its unique properties.

For over 12 years that we have been in operation, our business has blossomed through word of mouth. That is because we provide our customers with high-quality Emu products that work effectively. We strive to have a strong and healthy customer base.

Free brochure and information: We make every detail available to our customers on our page by the click of a button.

Emu shop outlets

We pride ourselves for our fabulous Emu products and most of our customers claim that they are effective. If you are searching for a natural and effective product that can aid in managing your illness Emu products are what you are looking for.

At Warrego Highway Marburg Qld we have a shop outlet at our Emu Farm, which is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 Am and 4:30 Pm Queensland time at Marburg Emu farm.

We welcome you all as we sell directly to our customers from our Emu shops or via mail order to your doorstep.

Our natural Heaven Golden Oil is a healthy remedy. We get the product from Try It Emu Farm Marburg. Our products are 100 percent pure and natural. Most of our customers claim that we have the best capsules from across the world.

Pure Emu Oil is useful for various things including:

Relieving arthritis symptoms

Our Oil Capsules are a great way for relieving the symptoms of arthritis. This is due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties.

People who have purchased this product only have positive things to say about it. It helps relieve back ache. If you rub the oil to the affected area, you will experience relief.

The penetrating power and natural anti-inflammatory properties of the oil bring quick results. Rubbing this oil on the area where you are feeling pain is advantageous. However, we consider this to be the band aid.

Treating eczema

If you just take our Emu Heaven capsules, you may find relief for eczema. Eczema is and internal issue, and people who take our Emu Heaven capsules find relief in about six to eight weeks. Eczema can get worse in some people before it improves as it pushes out through the skin’s layers.

We advise people with eczema to use our shampoo bar to wash their body and apply our skin repair dressing two times daily to help with scratching and itching.

Treating psoriasis

Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsule is a natural product that can relieve the symptoms of arthritis. This is because the oil has anti-inflammatory properties and its penetrating power brings about positive results quickly.

Nourishing dry skin

Dry skin disappears when you rub our golden Emu oil on the skin. It penetrates immediately an you will see the difference.

Treating a flaky scalp

To use the oil to nourish your scalp, you can use it to massage your scalp once a month. Rub your fingers through the scalp. You will notice that your scalp will no longer be dry.

Eradicating stretch marks

Rub the oil onto the stretch marks twice daily.

Treating scars

Rubs the oil to the scar tissue two times a day.

Moisturizing and repairing the skin

Our skin repair and Emu oil are excellent for any cracked, dry skin, cracked hands, cracked heels, and other skin ailments. Our products offer excellent relief from any of these issues.

The oil can help your hair look lustrous. We offer Emu Haven natural conditioners and shampoos, which are ideal for all kinds of hair. You can choose from our wide range of shampoos, including our shampoo bar and pet shampoo. Besides, we hold a shampoo drive as an enjoyable activity for clubs, and schools, among other institutions.

Emu oil is a multipurpose skin care product. It penetrates into the skin’s layers and promotes healthy skin. You can notice the positive effects after taking the Heaven Golden Emu Oil capsules after a few months.